I have captured these images with the goal to produce large, impactful prints, using the best possible analog and digital technologies.  For the digital images, I use a Nikon D800E with Zeiss Otus lenses (highest quality lenses ever produced for 35mm format.)  For the analog images I have used: Pentax 67II medium format system, Fuji 690III medium format rangefinder, and a Linhoff Master 4x5 large format camera with the best lenses possible.  For multi-day backpacking trips, I take the digital system, or the Fuji rangefinder; if I am day hiking, I can bring the large format system.

In addition to the prints which are available through SmugMug, fine art quality prints can be produced through very careful printing. Please send me an email to make arrangements: schwabkeith@protonmail.com

I can produce beautiful results using a Canon PIXMA Pro-1 printer with 12 color inks.  With 5 monochrome inks, this printer produces both amazing black and white and color images.  After experimenting with over two dozen high quality papers, I found that Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta paper to be truly exceptional, and has the look and feel of photographic paper from the darkroom.

I can offer signed and numbered prints on 13"x19" (A3+) size paper for $300. 

Larger sizes are possible, please contact me to discuss.

Sand and Mud
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